Doing Business is a difficult task. It requires deliberation on many aspects whether it is a start up or an established one .For a start up the dilemma is which business do I want to start , can I raise the financials for it and what if it fails ?For an established one it is strategic decision making as the consequences of mistakes are even higher – news nowadays is abuzz with Big Business houses collapsing , promoters facing legal action , employees suffering hardships , investors loosing confidence , reputations of established names being torn to shreds. Forget about companies Developed Countries are facing Ruin !What is the basis of all this Chaos – it is Conflict in Human Mind .The combination of fear , greed , ego , ambition ,inner conflict which has plagued Mankind since time immemorial is the cause , many Kingdoms have fallen , many so called brilliant Generals and Statesmen have made blunders – the List is endless. Shastras are the source of collective wisdom which keep you grounded , aware and fully equipped to deal with the myriad of  problems, provide you with the right solution and help you make the Right Decisions .