Statistics show that almost 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs. Accordingly many give reasons – less money , too demanding ,too much workplace politics , difficult co-workers , not challenging enough , not your passion  etc. Are these reasons or excuses , is there some thing else in personal life which is the real cause and where do you want to go ? These are the dilemmas we often face and then one day we come at cross roads – should I leave my job , is my future going to be better than the present and then What If ? With the fear of the future , doubts in one’s capabilities creep in and then the final question comes – What Do I want and What should I do?  All too familiar to nearly all. Well these have plagued humanity since the first job came up and Shastras have found the key to all our problems .We will simply try to help you organize yourself so as to channelize your talents , bundle your energy and make you Focus on the path that You Want to Take.