Advani v/s Modi : Does Age Matter ?

One of the reasons why I opted to follow the blaring news about opposition BJP leader Lal Krishan Advani’s ousted and Narendra Modi being made the national campaign head, was because, I found interesting that the decades old BJP is now trying to bring in younger blood into the forefront and asking the so called patriarchs to remain housebound.
But then again, it made me wonder why do we condemn old people so easily just because they are not that energetic and dynamic as the younger lot. There are positions where you require energy or a more adventurous thought process but certainly these are not the requirements of all jobs.

So what should be the criteria :

Confucius the great Chinese philosopher 2500 years ago said – At 15 I had my mind bent on learning , at 30 I stood firm, at 40 I had no doubts , at 50 I knew the decrees of heaven , at 60 my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of truth and at 70 I could follow what my heart desired without transgressing what was right.

The evolutionary stages of mind and intellect are thus moving from I know everything to having fixed beliefs to listening and analyzing the truth and lastly fearlessly following the righteous and truthful path. However on the other hand the philosophy of aged Cephalos ( Greek for Head ) whom Socrates went to meet some 2400 years ago was similar yet a bit different.

Cephalos said – as other physical pleasures wither away my desire to talk grows fast. Often my friends of same old age meet. Most of us are full of lamentations, we miss the pleasures of youth, we talk of our love affairs and drinking and feasting and we regret them as we have been robbed of great things as if they were real life and we are hardly alive now. Some of complain of mud spattering of old age by their nearest and dearest. But I think the blame does not lie there for if it was I too would have suffered but I have met others who don’t feel like that about it, like Sophocles the poet when someone asked him –what about love, are you still able to serve a woman? Hush man he said thanks God I have escaped from a mad, cruel slave driver. Indeed there is great and perfect peace from such things in old age. When desires go slack and no longer tighten the strings it is exactly what Sophocles said – perfect riddance to hordes of frantic slave drivers. There is only one thing what happens – not old age but the mans character, for if they are decent, even tempered people old age is only moderately troublesome if not then youth is no less difficult than age for such people. 

So what should they be Deliberating on when it is actually about Who is the best person to nominate candidates, capable of becoming leaders, representing 1.2 billion souls !!!

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