Every person’s journey, at the end of the day is that of self-discovery or an attempt towards it. We all witness innumerable human problems and sufferings, many of which are our own and thus Life Shastra ( How to live Life according to Shastras )has evolved in a bid to deliver ancient wisdom and knowledge from all over the world , from different cultures and times to as many people as possible in an effort to make a positive difference in their lives.

Three important reasons give rise to 3 P CONCEPT.


The experience as Physician of 30 years and having seen thousands of patients has led to the firm belief that stressful and disorganized lifestyle is the Major reason for the ills of today .Rarely do we see life with clarity and little do we realize the futility of mindlessly running after things, not caring about one’s health and take life for granted .The quote that “ First we spend health to gain money and then we spend money to gain health “ cannot be more apt . An easy to read magazine Total Health was launched in 2005 and the Foundation made the concept of Total Health Program in 2010 – a Comprehensive regime for a healthy body. The Program draws its inspiration from the vast knowledge from ancient texts from all over the world .The regimes and products are carefully selected.


What ever we do or don’t do there is a thought process or philosophy behind it .It may be from head , heart but generally from a combination of both .In many cases it is influenced by our own or someone else’s experiences which may not be necessarily be correct .So to whom or what do we turn to – Shastras ,the timeless guiding light . Being the overall In-Charge of the hospital makes one see the misery and helplessness of patients being abandoned by their family, dying due to lack of medical care, or when they desperate to save their lives, even while knowing that it was too late. The question always comes up – Why Me ? Ancient scriptures provides the necessary moral strength and philosophical wisdom to deal with such uncertainties of life.


It is common sense philosophy that one cannot live a rational life without assuming the reality of physical world and man alone in this world has the capacity to change himself by his own efforts and transcend his limitations. Thus a person should be fully aware of his surroundings at all times. Problems cannot be merely prayed or wished away they have to be tackled with all the available resources. Being handled the immense responsibility of  converting single handedly a struggling hospital to a successful Centre for 15 years with its myriad of people ranging from super specialist doctors to paramedical staff to unions to irate relatives and patients provides one superb knowledge to deal with all the vagaries of human nature with deftness, practicability and discipline-all the essentials of Man Management. Being the central person responsible for development and expansion of the hospital one  becomes adept at strategic planning, financial management, the art of negotiation and walking the mine field of confrontational situations.