The Concept of Life Shastra by Dr. P.S.Bawa

Using the Core Essence in Timeless Wisdom ( Shastras in Sanskrit ) of Religions and Philosophies across the world to provide solutions for all problems in modern day Life.

Relevance of Shastra

Human nature through centuries has remained almost constant , and the problems of human life have not been solved even by the striking achievements of science and technology . This is the main reason to justify the study of Shastra - a Sanskrit word for all timeless wisdom. The core of solutions that Shastras offer us though conditioned in their modes of expressions by time , environment, approach and emphasis have largely remained unaffected by science and criticism. To them we turn to for our physical, moral, spiritual needs and positive deeds.

Life is a Journey

Life is like going on a long journey by car and while embarking on it, everyone performs a three-phase drill -1. They decide on their desired destination, 2. Get the car ready for a smooth and hassle free journey and 3. Place their foot on the pedal to experience the 'moments' that the trip has to offer. Similarly, as we lead our lives, it is important to get our body into shape, seek moral wisdom and spiritual teachings so as to equip ourselves with the knowledge to tackle unforeseen and hidden problems. Lastly, we have to be the driver of our car. This is particularly essential because just by waiting for the vehicle to kick-start is not going to get us anywhere.

3 P Concept

We are all sick and tired of problems which crop up daily, they never cease to end but a great sage once said, "In a day, when you don't come across any problems - you can be sure that you are travelling a wrong path". This opens a new dimension of thought and forces us to ponder on the following questions: What is the path and where does this path lead to? Are we physically capable of walking/travelling the long path? Where should we seek the moral courage, wisdom and spiritual guidance so that we can confidently face the problems that await us during our long journey? Finally how do we put our knowledge into righteous action?

The 3 P of Life

Aiming for a healthy body that enables us to walk the long, challenging path


Physicality: To achieve a healthy body our philosophy is that means justifies the end and following that belief, we take the holistic approach ( ACAM ) of using not only modern day medicine or Allopathy, but also Complimentary and Alternative Medicine which has been around for thousands of years to cure / prevent or contain ailment .

Seeking moral knowledge and spiritual wisdom that guides us


Philosophy : the moral wisdom and spiritual strength which guides us towards overcoming our fears and weaknesses so that we can lead a fulfilling life.

Positive action that helps us reach the right destination


Putting all the knowledge and wisdom in a definite , purposeful and righteous action at home , at work ,in business, management - with family, friends, workers and the society at large.








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